Before and After Work

           On the days I go to work (Tuesday and Wednesdays) I try my best to settle Nora before I leave. Luke is older and more independent, and beside, he is more attached to "dad" (my husband) than I. There is nothing worse for a mom or parent than to leave the kids crying on the way to work; I would rather she not are that I left than to see her crying for me.  Reminds me of how I use to do daycare before I had kids and I would shush the parents out the door and totally not fully understand why they had such a hard time leaving.  Now I know.  And it's not like I am leaving them in daycare even....they stay at home with dad.  My husband is wonderful at watching them, I never have to worry at all.....so it's just me having an illogically hard time departing. 
          After nursing her I laid her on her couch and she was very quiet.  Here is her picture.  I had to take it for she did not move for a long time. 
          Also, on days I go to work I try my best to do something creative with the kids when I get home.  Luke had come up with this idea of making a birthday cake for our parrot, Nugget. I agreed and we decided we would make an ice cream cake. We make a box of brownies, cut them up, defrosted 1/2 gallon chocolate ice cream and mixed the two into a cake-shapped bowl.  When I got back from work, we all had a slice.  This is a picture of Nora taking control and drinking the last few drops of melted ice cream.  Both of them had a blast! 

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