I Love Teaching Collage!

          I have been teaching for 13 years and nothing is as exciting as teaching art.  If you teach it right you are creating a classroom full of people who begin to trust their own choices and stop looking at you for validation.  They look within and ask themselves what THEY like. THAT is a great beginning. 
         Today I began teaching collage unit to the 5th Graders and it was a blast. They decorated the front of their self-made sketchbooks with a collage composition. When they were done they have learned positive and negative shapes, the meaning for the word composition, as well as various new ways to combine paper to create a collage. Here are some pictures of the class. 

This artist created small shapes
This artist overlapped many of her shapes. 
This artist used a lot of negative shapes as well as positive space to create her composition
This artist created multiples of the same shape by folding her paper and cutting the same shape at the same time. 


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