Virginia is for Lovers (and Friends)

          We were in Virginia this weekend to see my oldest friend, Jenna.  Here are some pics that tell the story of our visit.  

Luke crossing his legs watching Finding Nemo
Any movie that can make my 4-yeal old watch in total attention is a great movie. 
Jenna and Nora playing "tickle". 
Chris, my husband who never drinks....drank a few glasses. 
Ricky and Chris chatting. 
I visited with the mother of a friend who took his life 2 years ago. She had found and then framed some of his charcoal drawings. 

This is a picture of my friend. One I find very sweet and funny. 

Here's another self-portrait charcoal drawing. Kyle, my friend, left hundreds of pieces of art behind. They are all very colorful, textured and very unique. 

Luke and Jenna cuddling all evening. Jenna was at the hospital in Maryland when Luke was born. 
Nora, the professional baby photographer.  She wants to be just like mom.
Nora and Jenna portrait


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