In the midst of Luke throwing his typical 4-year-old fits and incessantly picking on Nora and Nora running up to me and pulling my shirt requesting to nurse, I was surprisingly able to finish a collage last night.  You can find it for sale in my Esty Store for $37.  My daughter sat beside me on the rug as we watched Babe, Pig in the City for the hundreth time and simultaneously tried to make her own punches. She was so exited every time she successfully punched out a shape. 
         I create these using recycled magazines and circulars, we had been waiting all morning for the mail to come to bring us more magazines to devour into our project.  When he came and left nothing I was reminded that I had cancelled all my unsolicited catalogs ages ago. My husband took pity on us and gave us his college magazine which he has finished reading and in the dusty shelf we found a teaching magazine copy of Teaching Tolerance. Very colorful results.  I love all the accidental words that come into the work....

A very close detail image...

Another detail image...
This is the view of the entire collage

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