New Earring Designs

           My 4 year-old son  and I made earrings today.  Nora, my one year old was nearby and we had to watch that she did not stick one in her mouth.  Lucky for us, she just ended up just grabbing the beads out of the box and piling them on the rug and back again.  After Luke learned that each side needed to be identical, he made one pair of dangly earrings and was so excited about his work.  He even worked with the pliers and made a loop, not a perfect one, but it was a loop.   Later we used my camera taking pictures to post them online.  My son was very insistent on taking his own shots of his merchandise with my $2400 DSLR camera.  I strapped it around his neck and  nervously stood beside him as he clicked away.  It was worth the nervousness just seeing him so energized.   
         I buy vintage necklaces and re-work them make new jewels. These earrings come in a handmade cardboard gift card where the decorative elements are 100% recycled materials.  You can purchase a pair for just $5.25 from my online store.
          15% of all store proceeds go to MercyCorps to help Gaza victims. 

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