At a Printmaking Workshop ALL DAY

           For work I have to attend these wonderful professional development trainings.  I went to one today about printmaking. Very fun! 
           This is scratfoam (you all might know it as that meat tray material or styrofoam).  you scratch on it with pen or pencil to make marks and drawings, then you roll ink on it with a breyer and print the image onto paper.  See results below!
I learned to make thin and thick lines to show texture on my print. 

This is a tattoo idea I am working on for the middle of my back.  


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  1. Dear Miriam

    I really enjoyed looking through your blog and I too feel as you about whats going on in Gaza and of course theres so much horror being experienced being felt and dealt by people in Africa. WHY oh WHY..........its so sad and awfull.
    I do printmaking and thats how I happened to come across your blog. Your little swan lloks beautiful just in itself - maybe even nicer than the print. The most beautiful thing of all though are your Children.
    hope you have a good new year


    (based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)


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