Today's Adventures in Pictures

I finally got to mache my recycled paper plate.  My mom likes it like this, but I am painting it when we get back from our weekend vacation in DC/VA. Going to see my very good friend, Jenna who is also an artist. 

This is how it looked before.....
          We walked to the nature preserve down the street. we call it "El Bosque".  Spanish for "The forest".  (We speak Spanish at home as well as English)

        Nora was eating snow......It was scaring me how she kept sneaking it in!! That's the thing about 1-year olds, you can't explain anything to them....they just scream when they don't get their way.  
             Then Luke started with the snow eating...we had to have a talk about which snow was clean and which was not.  He on the other hand was very careful to choose snow that has not been disturbed. I know some people might have an issue with this....but, I've done it all my childhood and I'm not about to get OCD about this....          My son is obsessed about polar bears, we looked for one online and I sketched it to help us in making a paper mache polar bear.
          My husband, Chris took a picture of us working on taping the boxes together for the framework of our polar bear. Wasting masking tape to a ridiculous degree was Luke's favorite thing to do.
          Here's what it looked like before we mache-d it....my husband said it looked a little like a pig....I think it's polar-bearish enough. 
         We mixed flour and water to make paste.  My daughter ate the paste as we paper mached the body. My son, who did not want to get his hands dirty, handed me the paper as I glued it on. 

          All dry and ready to paint.....it's been a LOOONG day. 
          A picture of my husband, Chris and Nora (1) searching for images of cats, dogs, horses, etc on google image search. Lots of little fingerprints on that screen after they were done....but well worth the moment.

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