Banana Shake, Shakes the House

Nora adding the banana to an unplugged blender

"My hands are dirty"

Another freezing cold day.....it's very hard trying to keep kids busy indoors in winter. In the summer and the spring we just send them outside and they get tired and entertained without much effort. In the winter, you have to get real creative in order to prevent the rat-in-a-cage affect.  If you have kids that are old enough to walk, you know what I mean.  
 Carefully adding the milk
Luke and Nora fight over who will add the milk.....typical sibling stuff. 
My daughter (age 1) decided she wanted banana shake....What a great idea. She walks over to the cupboard where the blender lives and points to it.  We usually make babana milk shake at least 3 times a week. It keeps them busy for about....mmm, 10 minutes. Well, 4 minutes to make it and 6 minutes to drink it down.  
 Luke does a blender chant (scream).....they do it all the time. 
 One shake in a glass cup for the "big boy" and one in plastic (without a lid) for the "big girl"

Here is the recipe for Banana Milk Shake for 2 kids:

2-3 big bananas (ripe better)
2 cups milk of your choice, blended for 1 minute (comes out frothy)
(You can add other things if you have them on hand, like wheat germ, protein powder, or frozen fruits, coco powder....oh, not all at the same time.....)
2 straws
Nora goes for Luke's glass.....for 2 seconds.....
Yummy!! So sweet. 

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