Little Princess Pageants -----Oh the horror

I just finished watching Painted Babies on cable TV. It's a show about little girls whose parents enter them into national pageants to win big money and prizes; some are as young as 8 months old. I can't help to feel so bad for these little girls. All the mothers claim it really helps with self esteem, confidence and presentation skills. One grandma said that one competition they give out cars to the top 5 winners and she needs a new car. Another mom claims the money won at pageants will be placed into an account for college. 
What's my problem with it?  I have many....too many...

1. At every competition only about 5 out of about 20 win the big prizes. One girl lost and she cried and cried..I could hardly bear it. In the future, will this learned life of total perfection allow her to be happy just being herself?

2. In most of these cases the parents were way too invested in the results. 

3. One judge was asked what she was looking for in a girl and she said, she is looking for a total package.  Not just performance, or just looks.....the whole package.  If the child fails to 
deliver are these parents prepared to know how to help their child not internalize the perceived rejection. 

4. The girls are already beautiful....will they know this though about themselves or will they forever think they are not attractive unless they are decked out like a princess?

5. These parents are treating these kids like objects.  I can tell these girls like dancing and singing, etc....yet, the intensity these pageants require does not allow space for other forms of entertainment. 

6. Some of these kids are just too young.....they should be playing in a dollhouse not feeling all tense because they have to perform. 

7. I heard 2 parents sating about their daughter, "she likes to have her way." These kids will grow up to believe they are the center of the world based on the disproportionate amount of attention they get in this odd world. The real world will never be this intense. 

8. Last, they are wearing makeup.....at this rate they will never feel beautiful without it. 

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