Luke Will Discover Dinosaurs Tomorrow!!!

We went to the Museum of Natural History in NY this weekend. My son got interested in Dinosaurs. In the middle of the night, when ALL good ideas visit people's minds, I get this idea of creating a anthropologist experience fit for a 4-year old. 
Archeologists use a drawing of bones to identify new bones found.
Bones are placed over the printout.
Cool picture!
So I thought of using a whole chicken, boiling it, using the bones to place in plaster of paris and Luke could "find" them using a chisel, a face mask and a thick metal nail. 

 But as I am boiling the chicken, I realize I could make soup......so I add some veggies and barley. 
So I looked online and found this great image of a chicken skeleton.

I love the internet.....because after a little more searching I find this amazing image if the chicken bones in order. 

     I know this will be a blast!  
I will order this book from my local library and see what else we can do with chicken bones. 

Know any other cool science projects? Let me know about it. 

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  1. Goodness what a project!.....This in incredible...Could I please have a bit of your creative energy?? Wonderful post


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