Playing with my kids....the best gift for me and for them

The seal laid in this position the whole time
Today Chris, Nora, Luke and I went to Jones Beach in Long Island NY (15 minute from home) and by pure chance watched a young, seemingly sick, beached seal for an hour as the world all around it went crazy (see pics), used the kid-sized metal detector to try to find treasures and created a driftwood sculpture of which we later took pictures. When we got home and after a short nap, I experienced for the first time my two kids playing together peacefully without a fight; it only took 19 months! It was a blast. 
 There was a huge crowd. Everyone had their cameras, camera-phones...
 Our driftwood sculpture
 A different view of our driftwood sculpture
 Nora was so happy here....she loves her big brother. 

Nora beaming......


  1. Why did you and all the other people stand around and watch the seal? I felt sick seeing the picture - what's wrong with you?

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  3. Mr or Ms. Anonymous, perhaps you should ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE making assumptions. I am posting other pictures in my next post that perhaps better explains the situation.

    In short, within minutes of the seal appearing 2 police SUVs were parked making sure no one did anything ,minutes later, a helicopter flew down into the sand carrying 3 marine mammal volunteers who made us stand back and inform us that the seal must be sick and that it could be dangerous if approached.... They were waiting for a specialist that would be driving down from Riverhead, where there is a research center apparently, to come and tranquilize it and take it to make sure it was okay. We were told not to get close for it might be sick and they do defend themselves. they also said, if it was okay, it normally never allows humans to get so close.
    It's sad that when our minds fill the gaps, we always assume the worse....


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