Misfortunes May Be Hidden Blessings

I have been wanting to get my haircut forever. I had cut my hair short months ago and now, in attempts to grow it out, I am going through what my very tactful friend described as, the "awkward stage".  this weekend, in a dingy drawer, I found a Spafinder gift certificate for $150 I got on 2005 for my first Mother's Day.  Just so happens the gift certificate does not expire and it just so happens that some spas double as hair salons. I can't believe my blessing!! So I am going in today for free.....I am taking Luke (4) with me who will take his digital camera. He likes being an observer....

So when some misfortune happens in your life, rest in the notion that one day you just might just be grateful that IT happened

The closer you are to the misfortune the crazier this theory sounds....but, it happens all the time. The more I think of it, the more I see all sorts of misfortunes-turned-blessings. 

Have any....love to hear about them....


  1. That is so true! I have to confess, it can sure be difficult at the time in some cases. Great post and fun to read

  2. Make sure you show us your new do!

    There is no gain if there is no pain? Hmm....my best learning came from 'disasters' that ended up being blessings in the end.x

  3. It happens and even for me once..I ran out of my money in my card and was hungry too. Just in time came my friend who offered a meal, which was overdue for a long time for a favour which i have done for him long time back(though i dint expected it back at any point of time :).....Nice reading your write-ups and Thank you so much for sharing..

  4. I'm sure we live out hundreds of examples each lifetime....makes me feel good to know that life has its own way to balance out energy.....


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