Phone Issues

I called T-mobile to get a new phone.  I just got a Motorola a month and a half ago and this one has a back cover that keeps coming off. I would have it in my pocket and all of the sudden I would notice that the back flap and batteries have come out. How annoying....I've always prided myself in using any phone I had until it truly died of "natural causes" and not be one of those people that gets a new one every season; it's my save-the-environment gene coming through. 

The lady at T-mobile tells me to open the back and tell her what color some sticker was, innocently looked and answered, "pink".  She apologizes a very syrupy apology and informs me this is a sign of water damage and that automatically it invalidates my warranty. I inform her that I had gotten it wet weeks ago but that I was talking to her from that phone and that was not the problem.  I explained that the back coming off was a technical/design issue and had no connection to the few drops of water it was exposed to a few weeks back. She again apologized profusely and said that no matter what.....the entire warranty is voided once that pink button shows up. So now I have to get a new/used phone.....Now, how will this misfortune end up being a blessing is still a mystery?  

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