Proud Latte-Drinking Liberal

Okay....I don't actually drink latte...ever.....but I am a proud liberal nevertheless.....

I caught the last part of this movie in HBO called Right America: Feeling Wronged.  It's a documentary about a filmmaker who travels across America to talk to conservatives. How scary it was to watch. Some people would call President Obama a Muslim, a terrorist and some even equated his youth followers to "Hitler Youth".......Plus, too many of them were beyond livid over the fact that he refused to wear a USA flag pin....and I MEAN livid. 

More than ever I feel proud to be liberal in my views of the world, politics....parenting....etc. I feel conservatives always come at you with their general fear of change.... Too often, their politics are very exclusive in nature as only benefitting the middle class and above and totally ignoring a huge segment of our population.  Overall, someone is getting excluded.  Their message is often expressed through anger and vengefulness and their wishes for the world flowing against the current of the recent consciousness. 

All my life I've felt most comfortable on the side of the oppressed. Being Latina I have seen members of my family mistreated just because they could not speak English. I myself, have felt the lowered expectations of most my elementary school teachers all the way up to high school. Pair that with a general distrust of authority and you have a liberal. 

I have made a vow to myself to not turn away from the gore of others' suffering, no matter who or where. I know and feel that the only thing that WILL save this world is our compassion for others. Once we turn all others into enemies, we have war. To have these people on this movie come out and proclaim that Obama reminded them of Hitler is a perfect example of the rampant ignorance that fills our world. Had these people taken one minute to questions their fear in an Obama administration they might see their own shadow scare them away. 

I think that is why buddhism appeals to me so deeply. It's philosophy is meant to release you from the bonds of wanting an end result and just turning your eye to the beauty that exist in all things; even the most mundane things. 

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