I was talking to my wonderful friend Jen and she mentioned that she has a motto or a mantra that helps her remember her center. I got off the phone and thought, "What would my life motto be?"

I will list a few below:

1. Trust your heart. In terms of religion especially I followed my heart and it always led me to a teacher. Whether that was in the form of a book or a person did not matter. 

2. Everything passes. In the worse of times when you thought you'd surely never make it out okay, and surprisingly,  in time,  you see a tiny light again. It's the way of the universe. When a very dear friend took his life I experienced a pain like no other since. Childbirth and even being molested as a child did not compare to the loss of this soul in my life. After two years since his death,  I can finally think of him without breaking down. In the end, pain is just a very large ball of energy that works though your body and eventually wears itself out and exits; fully satisfied and never to return. 

3. The only thing anyone will EVER remember you for is how you made them feel about themselves. So true. I went to middle school in the NYC public schools, then attended a high school in Manhattan and then college for 8 more years and I cannot tell you one concrete set of ideas that I might have learned. Yet,  in VIVID details I could recount how each teacher made me feel about myself.  


  1. Beautiful and I believe heart felt post .Love your blog

  2. Oh,thank You for such a beautifully thought out post. Nice to meet you, Miriam.x

  3. Hi Miriam, I enjoyed this post so much! Thank you for coming over to Oasis. I look forward to seeing more of your work and reading your thoughts. Btw Beautiful acrylic paintings on the sidebar. <3


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