Memory Keeper

Each picture has an entry and the date. No on is allowed to take pictures from the album.

I grew up with maybe a handful of photos of me as a very young child; most of them are from when I was about age 5. No pictures of me as a baby exist. This need to know more about me and my past has always over-generated my memory- keeping muscle. It's no surprise to me then that I do wedding photography and LOVE it with a passion or that I am the only one in my family who always has a camera in hand....even at the most mundane, daily events. 

My husband sometimes complains about my (according to him) excessive monthly photo bill. Yet, I do not consider twelve 4"x6" images a month at all excessive.  I feel so strongly the need to tell our story. When our children are older they will see that their history began even before their memory began. So much love is recorded in these albums. 
Aside from adding to our family album monthly, I also write in a journal for each child about once every 2 weeks. I record all those adorable, sweet and wonderful kid moments that you think you will surely remember but soon come to forget. When they turn 18, they will each get to keep and read their journals. For example, my son, who is 4 years old, uses this very sweet exclamation.  Every time he is surprised by something he yells, "Ala Cazawee!" Once I heard it for the 100Th time, I ran to his journal to write it down and date it.  He saw this and he asked me what I was doing.  I responded, "mommy is writing down that you said Ala Cazawee so that when you are Evan's age (Evan is an older cousin) you will remember that you said such interesting words."  he quickly answers as a matter-of-factly, "I will still say Ala Cazawee when I'm a teenager mom." Of course, I also wrote down his response. What a complete treasure for a mom, and I did not even have to pay or work hard to get it. 
 I ask family members and dear friends to also write in the kids' journals so that they too give their love in writing.  
I add small sketches to illustrate my message. I do not add pictures to the journals. I have enough pictures in their albums. 

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