Let's Make Jelly Mom......

One of the great thing about cooking is its contagiousness. I had made some apple jelly back in January and when I came home with 2 pints of fresh strawberries Luke, my 4 year-old runs up to me and says, "I have an idea mom....let's make jelly".  We just cut up the fruit and 1.5 cups sugar, placed both in a big pot under low-medium heat for an hour and I kerpt stirring. Tomorrow we will make pancakes for breakfast and have some of our fresh, syrupy strawberry jelly preserved on top...YUMMY!


  1. Lovely pics of your children. Strawberry jelly looks delicious too! Mmmmm.....

  2. Your kids are adorable!

    I think cooking is one of the best ways to bring a family closer together. Not only is everyone learning but everyone is helping each other out, and of course, the result is the best part!

    Now you've got me craving pancakes w/ jelly =)

  3. Thanks....they absolutely love cooking.....


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