Earth Day Resolutions

I have just finished watching Oprah and her Earth Day special and am deciding on the following manageable changes in my life:
* No more plastic bags while shopping.....
* Never buy bottled water.....EVER, EVER
* Get a water filter and a water bottle
* "Shop the periphery at the supermarket and stay out of the middle" (the stuff that does not rot). Food should be alive and eventually die. This tip if from Michael Pollan author of Omnivore's Dilemma. 
* NO fast food. 
* Donate all stuff I do not need to Lupus Foundation. (They come once a month to pick up stuff). 
* Sell/Donate kids' old toys. 
* Grow beans
* Make my lunch a waste-free lunch (use reusable bags, tupperware, etc) 
* Walk with strollers to do errands if 1 mile or less
* Do more recycled magazine art.  See my work at MiriamsArt.Etsy.com

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