Taking Pleasure in Small Details

I have been so drained lately. I normally feel rejuvenated by crossing errands off my beloved to-do list once completed.  Yet lately, a new errand seems to creep from around the corner leaving me with little time to recover. 

First, I was taking Luke to get his shots for kindergarten, then realizing that I needed a form from the School Registration office.  Once at the office with both kids during a bad rainstorm, I am floored when informed by a very rude receptionist that the deadline had come and gone. (Who would have imagined Kindergarten applications to be due in March!) So now I am running around trying to get proofs of this and that...then my car spilled out it's entire coolant content when parked....we had just paid $500 to get the radiator repaired just last week, so it's gotta go back to the shop....and of course I need to figure out a ride.  Oh, and just now I remembered I have to take my son to the dentist in the morning....Notary public....my roommate asks for a ride to the doctor....and the list goes on.....

So no wonder when I go to my bank and they are serving FREE coffee......oh what a HUGE treat that is. Thank you Capital One!  You made my hour!

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  1. FREE Coffeee!!! ... great let me open an account today with that bank ;)


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