Nice to Have SOME Good News

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  In the midst of all the serial killings going on around the country and the increase of soldiers in Afghanistan, the fact that we're still in Iraq ......blah, blah it was so nice waking up to good news......finally something good happens. In Vermont, Republican Governor Jim Douglas has vetoed legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage yet the House and Senate were able to override the governor’s veto!  

             Okay, so I know there are people who are opposed to this.  Perhaps they have never been around gay people, perhaps they are fervently religious......I don't know....but to come out of your house with your kids, make a sign and parade against gay marriage when there are far more severe and real issues such as drugs, poverty, hunger, war......I am in disbelief at the hatred I see here. The saddest thing is that I see kids here......a new generation fighting to deny civil rights to gay Americans. 

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  1. Well put Miriam, with all the things wrong in the world I personally feel the fight against gay marriage is silly and petty.
    They should put there moral energy into something els there are so many issues out there like Teen pregnancy, poverty, crime, homelessness, drugs
    .....I can go on and on

    or I know, how about practicing some of that Christian values and be more like Jesus who accepted everyone for who they are including a prostitute..

    sorry I rambled on and on, this gets my goat


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