The Power to Inspire

Never underestimate the power of inspiration. As an art teacher I always tell my kids that artists inspire each other all the time. Children are often very hesitant to use techniques used by other artist because they feel it might be considered "copying".  Yet, I reassure them that the uniqueness of what makes them who they are will always shine through and the result will always be beautifully and drastically different than the work from which you were inspired. 

I just watched this great YouTube.com video (above) of an artist named Susan Cornelis. It made me realize how much I love and always have loved watercolor and the mixing of inner "phychologizing" into art.  I then became instantly inspired to swim right into watercolor journaling next in my creative path.  

I will be making my own sketchbook for , another for my son and another for my daughter to use during our trip to The Redwoods. My son (4) is not into watercolors as much as my daughter (1.8) who LOVES, loves, loves watercolor. She loves painting and is awesome at holding the brush, wetting the paint tray and rinsing her brush with no mess......
Check out that grip.....Since she hardly talks yet, when she wants to paint she points to the watercolor tray and brings the water bucket to the sink area and points to the faucet. 
She's not really aware yet that you wash to change colors....but she's a good imitator anyway....she looks like she knows what she's doing. What I love most is her dead serious expression. 
She "wakes up" the colors with her brush.....again, the concentration level cracks me up!! She is able to do this for about 45 minutes. Can't wait to see what her works look like as she grows. I love being a mom. 

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  1. I agree about your daughter. She's clearly picking right up where she left off in her last life as an artist!

    Thanks for sharing my video on your wonderful blog!


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