Think MORE of the Things You Want...& Less in What You DON'T Want

This is a sample vision board I found online.....I will post mine in a few days once I am done. 

I was visiting my oldest friend Jen last month in Northern Virginia and while chatting in her room I noticed a beautiful collage of images on her wall right next to her bed. I asked her what it was and she answered it was her Vision Board. 

I loved the idea of a vision board, yet did not get to creating my own until this past week. I hopped onto Google Image search and found images that fit various things I would like to have in my life in the near future. I could not help to thinking of it like some form of "bucket list". Plus, at first, I found it very difficult to list things I wanted as if I almost believed I did not deserve them.  I kept apologetically thinking, "Come on, that's too much!".   Being a proud minimalist all my life I have learned to find the hidden pleasures of not having too much.  But once I started warming up I opened up and the ideas came flowing. I began exploring out of my usual comfort zone. 

I have all the symbolic images ready....I will print them, cut them and glue them onto a  recycled stiff cardboard, then write short descriptive sentences beside each image.....Don't worry, I will post my own vision board in a couple of days......If you have one....I would love to hear what some of your "visions" are.

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