Now This is a Good Latch!

I am reminded of my free lactation consultation after both my births when the word of the day was LATCH....proper latch, bad latch....latch, latch, latch.  

My mom (Lela) brought this dolly for Nora last week and as soon as Nora got it I noticed her "feeding" her baby. I guess there is no hiding the fact that I am still nursing her at almost two.

 Yet, I am so proud of the fact that I stuck through the painful days and did not cave and give her the formulas they were practically throwing at me at the hospital......Those little formula bottles seemed to be reproducing in Nora's bassinet.....no matter how many times I told them NO THANK YOU, they kept offering it.....That, plus the guilt trip about possibly starving my baby was so incredibly annoying.....

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