Created a Watercolor Journal Today

In preparation for our trip to the Redwoods in CA, I decided to make a watercolor journal for quick painting on the spot. 
I bought two watercolor booklets and folded each page. I measures holes one inch apart. The last time I made a book was back in college. I then used a needle to make holes at each marking.

Here are the booklets with the bindings all sewn up. 
I used the backing from the booklet to make the sides for my book. I had some white fabric and used that to glue it all together. Nora used a pencil to mark on the cardboard. 
I used manilla folder paper for the inside. 
Here are the pages inside the cover....
My daughter and I decorated the cover with collage pieces.....Nora picked out the large white ladder-like piece on the cover. 
An inside look....
The finished product....

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