How Does One Go On?

Devastatingly, I just read about the 8-year old who was raped (with an object) and killed by her friend's mother.  She was found stuffed in a suitcase near some creek last week.  I looked at her picture and started to cry.  The woman who committed this crime is herself a mother and I am so horrified as to how a woman could rape a girl. 

I am generally against the death penalty, yet in cases of child rape I will happily support this option....As a mother of two human beings whom I consider miracles in their own right I witness every day how TRUST is essential in having them develop into happy and emotionally healthy adults....Aside from the obvious physical damage, betray that trust when they are young and helpless and you take away their ability to trust for their entire lives.  

I have so many questions?  Did she act alone? Is she insane?  If not, why? What was going through her head? Does that mean she was abused? Does she abuse her own daughter?

This is the killer.....Her last name is Huckabee...


  1. Yes! death penalty is a better option for those who cant 'behave normal'...and her photograph show it all...the image itself is horrifying and can make out that she is a Disaster in the move....very sad for that kid....

  2. yea...sometimes life just makes you want to scream "WTF!!!!!!!!!!!" Seriously, I know some people don't believe in the dealth penalty and there are issues over who would "do it" But I'm available on the weekends to flip a switch if you know what I mean.

  3. I will never understand these things although I can garner understandings. I so can relate to what you are saying.


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