Various Types of Books I Offer Through My Event Photo Packages

I am currently exploring various bound coffee-table book designs I offer through my event photography packages. I am now using these two designs below. I placed a Sharpie beside each so you can see its dimensions. 
This is an 8"x8" book with 20 pages.  Additional pages can be added. Comes beautifully bound. 
Pictures could be full bleed, or you can place anywhere from 1 up to 9 images per page.....
The back cover allows for text and a small pic....
The bind allows for text in up to 5 font styles. 
This is the second book design I use...It has a rectangular window that gives you a peak to the first page....beautifully bound....and affordable!
In my book designs I use a lot of full-bleed pages, and mix in a few pages with 4 or more images per page. 

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