Is this The New Face of Parenting?? HOPEFULLY NOT

I was just at the park and there was a woman there with a child similar in age to Nora. Nora and I always like it when we see other kids in the park. She's a very social child and I love watching her try to socialize with kids of all ages. Sadly, the mother had both earphones on her ears and was fiddling with her Ipod the entire time she was at the park; which was about 25 minutes. The daughter kept trying to talk to her, but she was so absorbed by her music that she never answered. The mother also had a niece there at the park ( who was around 8 years old) who began playing with 3 other children (not related to her) in very  inappropriate ways. Like one kid was trying to pull the pants off another boy. And three of them were throwing some mean words to one another out loud. The mother never even looked up as these kids were almost getting into wrestling mat matches on the ground. 

This mentality of "oh well, I can blip out now, for they are behaving" is so detrimental. Raising a child requires more than you just making sure they are fed.......and clothed. Raising a child requires that you are PRESENT.....emotionally, physically, 100%.  

I am also really concerned about how these technological gadgets are beginning to take such a priority in people's lives all around me. It's almost as if they have taken over real living.  I felt terrible for this little girl who kept trying to get her mom's attention....but a stupid gadget was priority. 

At the same park the day before......we again met another little girl with accompanied by her mother. Nora went right over to them and they played together. Just as we were about to leave I was about to ask the mom if she's like to have a play date. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that her husband who she joined as she too was walking out of the park,  was the young man I had spotted smoking pot before coming to the park. The saddest thing was seeing this father, obviously and totally stoned out holding their other child, a 4-month-old. 

I feel so blessed in my life and want to absorb all the gifts my kids have to offer.....their smiles, their funny comments, even their tantrums are blessed and  bring you back to reality. 

I once read that when you give 100% of yourself to a child...you are teaching them that they are fun to be with.....if other things.....THINGS (like Ipods, texts, drugs) are priority then how are they ever to think themselves as valued member of society. 

When Chris and I go out to the park or the beach with the kids.....we don't talk on the phone, text.....sometimes I don't even photograph for more than a few minutes.....going out with them should be a fun experience.....which brings me to the fact that we are leaving to the Redwoods next week. I cannot wait to enjoy every minute of our family adventure. 

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