They are finally playing together well!!!

My son and daughter, Luke and Nora, are playing together more now!  I thought this teasing on the part of Luke would never end....It was driving all of us crazy. What I never expected Nora to do was to  just toughen up and not even care that Luke is being wild around her. She's quite strong and resilient as long as it's Luke.....any other time she would as much as see a band-aid and she's crying. 

Dragging her across the floor....
Making a hole together at the beach
Drinking homemade lemonade together..
Luke zippering Nora
Chasing game......late in the evening
Looking for beach treasure together.
Feeding the goats at the Queens County Farm Museum
Coloring together on the table. 


  1. I love the one where they are sharing a drink, though they are all beautiful... I didnt get to experience two siblings together, mine are 10yrs apart...

  2. It's the most rewarding feeling to see them interact lovingly to each other.....just having luke, my oldest share in the pregnancy and rering of Nora has been a bonus I did not anticipate.


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