Teens....are they from another planet?

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So my niece comes over with my brother (her dad) and I just love her to death. She is just a very sweet and caring young woman. I can only wish I was as independent when I was 18. But I cannot feel to think I am in another world when we communicate. last night, as we were all in the living room talking, every 10 seconds she is getting a text from someone, then she was IM-ing online on her laptop (which she had on her lap) as we were talking.  So literally, she was having a conversation with 3 people at the same time. Now that is very talented.  My head would twirl and fall if I had to keep up with two people, much less three. 

But, I can't help but to appreciate my Buddhist teachings when faced with this situation. I too used to be riddled with technology.  I had a handheld calendar, wait for e-mails that would never come, have my phone at arms reach at all times...etc....until it took over my life.  I literally was living a fake life.....doing nothing real.  don't get me wrong, I am online a lot still.  I could be working on my site, applying to jobs, blogging....yet, when I am NOT online...I am 110% there with you.....listening with my eyes, my body and my ears. I find it important especially when I am with the kids that I am not distracted by nothing else. I read somewhere that when you give your kids 110% attention they learn that they are fun to be with.  That people desire to be around them. If I were texting the whole time, they see how a non-priority they are....makes total sense to me. 

I don't think young kids today know about presence or how to even be in the moment for 2 minutes without wishing they were elsewhere or being tweaked in some way by outside stimulus. I find that a sad loss. When happiness is found in having a new blackberry or in wearing an expensive label you are just setting yourself up for a very unhappy life. Even being a complete millionaire would not fill the gap this type of thinking brings.

Life IS what happens while we are busy making plans......

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