Another One Bites the Dust...The Jon and Kate Divorce...

Okay....so I cannot stand the guy....Jon from Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

I hear him talking and he's always somewhat on the outskirts of all that is happening with his kids, his family. He walks away when things get too much.

He also wears these awful black shades during most of the show and squeezes out these meek attempts to stand up to his wife.

I read a slew of reviews on the show and was shocked to see how many people thought Kate was a bossy wife. I agree with this assessment yet feel it is his fault entirely that he gets bossed around this way. You teach people how to treat you....he just allows himself to be treated this way.

It's sad about the divorce, yet he seems to want to move on now that he has money and believes he might get a better girl. It's like you can smell his excitement at being single again....so, so sad. As he says, "I am only 32.....I have to take care of my needs.......and that of my children". Somehow I don't see Kate hooking up with a new mate as immediately as we all know he will.

As in MOST divorces the woman gets the kids and continues to raise them, while the man gets to go and pretend his a single man once again. He says his kids are his priority, but this entire disruption happened because he wanted to see what else was out there besides Kate. Signs of a typical insecure male who needs the "stuff" to fill in what he's missing......too sad, the family and their love is not enough.

But nothing is truly sad or ever really a loss. I hear strength and resolve in Kate's voice and words and know she will come out a much better person. Anyone who can jog 1 hour a day and be present to raise 8 children daily regardless of her crumbling world is a winner in my book.


  1. I agree with your position, Miriam, and I hope that the separation/divorce does not harm the children too much. When I heard Jon standing up for his own life...and the children...I really heard that he was tired of his family responsibility. His life wasn't fun anymore...Is that Kate's fault? All of those children are an incredibly huge responsibility. How can you even think about your own needs when there are so many dependents to consider? I would be overwhelmed, too, and I don't know if he actually knows how he feels. When he discovers what he has given up, which will happen well after the relief of change-he may be sorry about the decisions he has made. Life is so difficult. It must be even harder when you have an audience for all of your mistakes. <3

  2. I agree......I've seen this type of behavior in men so many times. It's like they get enamored with the idea of being free again and the whole family goes out the window. Not all men are that way.....and yes, I don't think he really knows what he wants...

    Poor kids...my heart goes out to them....but we all go through our own learning experiences....this will just have to be theirs.



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