Lessons are sipping in........

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I hear Luke and Nora interacting from a few feet away....Luke lecturing to Nora about when she goes to school.

"Nora, you have to learn how to share for when you go to school". Nora, being 2 just repeatedly answers, "NO!" in the cutest voice imaginable.

Funny to hear such a lecture from Luke, who at age 4 does not "know" himself how to share yet.

Just yesterday I hear him lecturing again, "You have to learn how to tie your shoe, write your full name....." and the lecture goes on and on, almost verbatim from subjects we've covered with him.

Having a younger child around has allowed me to measure how much Luke (my oldest) IS absorbing from our many lectures. As much as he might continue to misbehave in 3 out of 5 situations....Luke does understand what we are saying to him as proven through what he in turn lectures to Nora.

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