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I love lists.
There are few mundane things more satisfying to me than checking tasks off a list.
But, I'm starting to feel as if I'm competing with myself and now I am not able to just enjoy
sitting down and NOT having a task to accomplish.
I'm just sitting down for the first time today and wonder if I am crazy to take on so much....
Today I single-handedly packed the whole family (minus my hubby's clothes)
I made healthy sandwiches for the road
I shopped for foods easy to eat on the road and placed them in a large bag
I dropped by Blockbuster to pick up 2 new videos for the kids to watch while we drove
I deposited 2 gift checks give to Nora on her birthday a few days ago
Went by my job and said goodbye to all the people I worked with in the past 4 years
Bought stamps to send Thank You letters to people who wrote me recommendations to my new job.
Dropped by the Pediatrician to pic up a immunization form for Luke for Kindergarten
Cleaned out my car and filled the tank with gas
Bathed both children and dressed them in the clothes they will be traveling in tomorrow morning at 6am

Some of you might wonder why is my hubby not doing more.
The fact is, if I do it, I know where everything is...and honestly, I don't think he would have one clue how to do half the things I do...

He does help though...he did all the laundry (4 loads) for the trip and emptied my which was full of boxes...he also entertained Nora while I made sandwiches.

Frankly, I like doing it....I like knowing that I tightened the seat belt for the kids as tight as I want them to be. I like the fact that I made the sandwiches and placed them in Tupperware containers in attempts not to use plastic.....I put so much love in every act that I can't help to feel that it feeds some sense of creativity need in me.

All in all...I am exhausted.....Yet, lucky for me, Nora went to bed early and I get to practice my Chinese on Rosetta Stone for a few minutes....and in a little bit I get to do one of my favorite things the world.....fall asleep the minute I hit the pillow.

Is anyone else's life this busy?

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