I've been getting my son emotionally ready for Kindergarten.

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This morning I cuddled up next to him and bear (his toy) and talked about his first day. From what he would wear to what time he'd get up all the way down to what he would take with him in his new backpack.
As I held his little yet growing body between my arms I let the moment fill me with joy.
This is my baby
My baby boy
as I call him, "My favorite little boy in the whole world".

My little boy is growing up.
Just yesterday my hubby and I were getting a sonogram and were told we were having a boy.
Like 2 dazed individuals we left the office drunk with excitement and trying to grasp the reality of what that would feel like.
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Before having kids I thought that dedication and love would easily carry us through without a glitch and as all people without kids think, I knew deep in my heart that I would do it much better than all "these" people I saw struggling all around me. But life has taught us that parenting is not black and white as you think it before having kids. Life, as it turns out, has an amazingly gently way of beating the "cocky" and "self-righteous" right out of you. So I've proudly joined the ranks of parents I've judged during my pre-kid years.

But all these life beating have bore a wonderful thing. Now I am a buddy, a helper and friend to that mom whose kid is going crazy down aisle 6 of the supermarket. I know enough to see that the child is not broken or deranged or mean, he simply is either tired, hungry or both and paired with the fact that he's only been on earth a fraction of the time I have....it's not planned or intentional.
Let's help make a more understanding world....

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. It is important that we learn to see each other in a more understanding light and not judge each other because of our own lack of experience. But what can we do? Our thinking minds are always trying to create a solution to the problems we see.

    I was like the pre-mom you for a time...I judged my own mother for her lack of mothering skill. I thought she was too this or that...especially in my teens...but now I realize that she gave me a way to live my own life...to value my own goals even while I was raising children.

    I loved being a mom of young children. Now my children are older...my daughter is 17 and my son 22...I wish I knew how to parent older children better but I guess we learn as we go...and all children are different.

    Btw I gave you an award over at Oasis Writing Link (OWL) blog. I hope you can come over and read my post about dreaming.


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