What baggage?

I was at the DCPS office getting fingerprinted and this man in his late 50's, who was also there for the same purpose, starts up a conversation with me.

He says, "You don't need to be carrying all that junk around......" and proceeds to talk loudly and tell me about how he teachers Tai Chi and can make me very strong. I just assumed by "junk" he meant my backpack.....although it did not really make sense, I was too busy to stop and make it make sense. But I've lived in cities all my life and there are plenty of people among us who don't make sense....so I just chucked it thinking, this guy's a bit off.....beware!

I am a generally polite person and as he describes what he teaches I am slightly interested although he hardly responds to my responses to his comments....making me aware that he's not really listening......he's one of these people who just want to talk.....and talk...and talk.....and make sure everyone around hears how cool he is....

My name is called and I go to the desk. His name is called and he comes behind me....and again repeats, "You don't need to carrying all that junk". Again, thinking he's referring to my backpack I answer, "I need this JUNK, It's my certification documents." He then clarifies as if we're talking about the weather, "No, you know what I mean, the one you're carrying on your body."

This man was referring to my weight!
In my mind I am amazed and say to myself, "My husband even knows not to mention my weight".

All my life I've never been a quick-witted person. I generally trust that people will be courteous and am frozen in panic thoughts when people become something other than polite. To my envy, my younger sister, on the other hand, is much more quick-witted than me. She will put a person in their place before they are even done being rude to her. I wish I was more that way, but I am not. On this day, I was not at all expecting this man to be so outrightly rude .....The old me would have been embarrassed and cowardly and maybe even depressed to have a stranger call me out on my weight, but I did not allow this socially disabled man to shake my sunshine...not even one bit. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, two amazingly smart and healthy children and I am going to be working the job of my dreams.....nope, no shaking me off that tree.

I felt sorry for him actually. To have gone 50 plus years not knowing how to be around people must be rough. I would not be surprised if he's had a rough time with women.

What would have I said, have I been quicker?
I would have said, "I might be carrying around a lot of body junk.....but I'd rather have have that any day than carrying around all that extra EGO. "

I love how life has these little ways of showing you just how lucky you are!


  1. He was probably on drugs and didn't even know what he was saying, and if he did... well then he is the biggest A_ _ hole alive. Don't even think twice about it!

  2. P.S. I am like you. I am so taken offguard by people who say something so unexpected and don't want to be RUDE to them. I hate being like that. I hope you, (and I), can learn to be more like your sister, and say what needs to be said WHEN someone like this is a total JERK !!!


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