Action Separates One From Each Other

My goal for this year is to act. To stop being afraid of shaking the boat and actually make things happen for me and to trust my ideas and my judgments. If I don't like a situation I have the choice to either try and change it or go elsewhere. If a person makes me upset, I have the choice to try and fix it or move away. If my life is not going where I want it to go, I have a choice to make different choices....or not. But to complain about anything to the wrong people will no longer be an option.

This past week I experienced a situation which cause me to all of the sudden know so clearly what I needed to do with my life next.....we get very few of those inclinations or hints in life. It goes to prove a long held belief that clarity does not come from long hours of mediation or thought. Instead, clarity comes in moments when push comes to shove and it happens in an instant unfettered by fear or nervousness. The moment I came to this truth all worry and fear that had existed around the decision before, was no longer around, it had just simply vanished.

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