Let's rethink early reading.....

What does it mean for your child that he or she learn to read earlier than later?

Nothing...that's what.

Too often people take these ideas about academia and never even question them....

Do testing scores say anything about retention.

When I was in High School I did very well, yet I have no recollection of what I learned and too often I have to reteach myself things I teach my children.

Too often I would just memorize facts to pass the tests.....go through the motion.

So no, good grades do not guarantee that the information will be of use in the future or be meaningful beyond the classroom walls.

more than ever...I believe that a good teacher is one that can connect all new information to something meaningful to the child's life at that time. If the information is thrown from above, like rain falling out of the sky, it will be learned for the short term, but it will fade with time for it has no connections or meaning in relation to the child's life.

I am to make all my teaching meaningful and connected to the child's life.

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