Again, proof that there are no accidents....

I had an amazing incident yesterday that has again reaffirmed my belief that there are no accidents in this universe we live in. That if we train ourselves to find these little traces of magic we can experience life in a much richer way.

The magic began in the early afternoon when I met with the mother of a deceased friend who had taken his beautiful life 3 years ago and whom we both very much still miss terribly. She wanted to meet with me to give me boxes of his art supplies her son had bought just months before his passing and never got to use. This was a bittersweet experience for me. I cried the entire drive back home thinking of how much I miss him and all the hope these supplies carried in them and now I am getting them....with a promise to bring them back to life. Aside from getting acrylic paintings which I use in my work, I also got tons of watercolors....

As I was driving back home and after crying, I had 2 concerns. One, In order to use the watercolors I would have to buy watercolor paper and other supplies that are needed for this media such as a watercolor board which one uses to tape the paper onto so as to avoid buckling. The second concern was my husband's reaction. We live in a tiny 850 square foot, 2-bedroom apartment with very little storage room. I could already hear him in my head asking me where would all this stuff go.

After I got home, as I lay in bed recovering from my drive in 99 degree weather in a car with no AC, my son comes in running and all excited with a brand new watercolor board (see below) and tells me he found it and is giving it to me. Living in an apartment in a city with a high turnover has its positives and one of them is that people throw away perfectly good things. It just so happens tonight I get a watercolor board, 10 minutes from my arrival home I get what I need. I felt a huge surge thinking how wonderfully odd and magical this was.

About an hour later and as the huge boxes of art supplies sit blocking the hallway I decide to go down and check the mail. It just so happens that I had a package. To my stunning surprise my mom and sister had sent me a cute colorful shelving system (below). I took it up to my apartment, built it with the kids, and it was able to easily absorb all my new supplies. Again, twice in one night, I get exactly what I need from the universe. I could not help to feel blessed. Someone up there is pulling some strings for me....if even for this small way......it felt wonderful.
I just know my lost friend has something to do with this magical experience and it confirms to me not only his continuing love but of the pure magic we all have all around us if we only choose to see it.....

What weird coincidences have you experienced in your life?

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