My New Creating Space

I have been wanting my own creating space for years. I have managed to structure a space here and there over the years but not in the same way I now have it and I could not be happier. It is truly the BEST birthday present to myself. All my supplies are right in my bedroom, neat and organized in drawers. It is quite a beautiful space and I now feel the
creative juices in me flow much easier.
Below you see (from left to right) my large plastic drawers that contain all my acrylic paints, then my desk, then a large wooden shelf with extra canvases, sketchbooks, jewelry making supplies, and my mediums and glues (stretched and not stretched). Under the desk are my sewing projects. the small desk right to the left of the plant is my shrine with various Buddhas, Saint Francis, la Virgin of Caacupe (in Paraguay), my tarots in a box, the colorful shelf holds all my watercolors, cray pas and palette knives.
I created a little tent over Nora's twin bed so that I can work at night while she sleeps without disrupting her. I am so clever.....LOL

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