My little man.....

We get ready to go to the Wilson pool for a dip and my son Luke, who is 5, refuses to go with us. He wants to stay home with dad. He is a total daddy's boy and they do everything together. My husband takes him everywhere from jogging, laundry to shopping. I had gotten everything ready and was not about to leave him behind, besides it's never as fun without him. But it seemed that the more I tried the more he refused. Took me literally 40 minutes to convince him to come along and of course he had a blast and did not want to leave the pool.
I call him my little man lately because he found this 50's style hat at the thrift store and now wears it daily when we go out, he looks much bigger when he wears it and it's adorable in him. He calls it his 'man hat'. Now he's got us all calling this hat his 'man hat'.

I was so glad he came. While at Starbucks he starts telling me how Starbucks being a big company must makes 'millions' daily unlike much smaller companies. He lists other large companies that must make millions daily and fills my mind with numbers and market facts. Here I thought I could get away from the 'market talk' by hanging with my kids, away from my hubby. Obviously, I was dead wrong. A lady at the Starbucks who was typing had to do a 180 degree turn to see who the small voice was whipping out all the numbers with confidence. He made my day....my little man.

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