This momma is turning 37 in a week.....

I feel it.....a change in the air.
Finally, after years of struggling to catch up with my own expectation of me.....I am on the search again for things that inspire me and teach me about my inner journey. I have come to learn that the world is not about me and my view of things and that the more I make everything 'about me' the more I feel fragmented from the world.
I am open to learn from people I love and admire. Open to not worrying about the end result of life.....open to just being me....learning to stop trying to figure the future out every minute of the day....all that planning is so anti productive anyway.
Mine is a journey of finding worth....in myself and in my own journey. Not in finding a feeling of worthiness from others, not from being understood by others but in defining myself in my own terms despite all I have gone through. My past does not define me, my situations do not define me.....I am life and each day life is defined through me.
Funny how we always tie ourselves with so many invisible strings.....as impossible as the climb seems, it's only an illusion. I aim to break through all my fears this year and believe, get to know and love this inner diamond I have inside.

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