New painting....a dab at landscape

Anyone who knows me knows I lOOOOOVE trees. I actually not only love trees, but I also love tree seeds, tree roots, tree textures....leaves....before the kiddies were born my hubby and I would get tree books and try to get to know all the trees in our neighborhood. To purchase this painting go to my art online art store.
The painting it done in mixed media and it's so textured that the tree comes to about 3/4" off the canvas. The canvas is 24"x30".
My husband...."my harshest critic", did not like the idea of adding flowers to the tree.....here is what it looked like before the flowers were added on. I still like the flowers better....in the end, it's my painting...right?
You can see the texture much better from this angle....these are supposed to be rocks and tall grass.
Here is a close-up of the tree itself..
another close-up.
a close-up of the branches.
I studied tons of cherry blossom photos on Google Images and this is my representation of them.....they are just so beautiful. If you have never been to DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival, it's something to see.


  1. Charles Ippolito7/29/2010 7:42 PM

    Hubby has a point, addition of flowers to tree give it a whole different "feeling"......both versions flowered and flowerless have validity!!

    Flowered...connotes fertility....joy

    Unflowered...beauty but sense of sadness....incompleteness

  2. funny, we are total and complete opposites (hubby and I).....but the whole interaction gave me an idea to try and explore both "feelings" as you call it....make some stark tree paintings and some flowery ones.....will post as they get done.....


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