Personalized Bound Book Services

Imagine a beautifully bound book (not album) with bright personally meaningful images and words in each page about a special day or event in your family. All you need to do is send me all your pictures in the correct sequence with a few words about the plot/story. I will design you a book and have it professionally printed for you. Once I create a basic design, and pay for your first copy you will be able to easily print any number of copies on your own from the printer service.

The possibilities are endless:
* Pictures of you and your child making your favorite recipe. One step at a time. If you have not yet taken the pictures, please call me for tips on getting better images. Make a family heirloom. Pass it down to your children

* Pictures of "a day in the life of" anyonein your family. Follow someone around all day and tell their story.

* Neighborhood book. All the fun places where you live

* Family albums- pictures of all family and extended family...

* Social story to help you gently change your child's behavior through a fun narrative

* First Birthdays, who came, what happened....

* Weddings....and the list goes on and on....

Cost of this service is $85 It included the design of your book and the shipping and printing fee for one copy. You must send me all your pictures in JPG format to my e-mail or by CD to my address (call me to get this info). If you only have non-digital images you must turn them into JPG format before I can work with them. Your local photo store would be able to help you do this for very little cost.

you pay deposit to get me started and other half before I send it to you. The other half ($42.50) is due when book is done and before shipping.

You will fill out a general questionnaire before I begin designing the book to help me design a book that best fits your needs. Any changes that need to be done to the final design will be limited to 3 requests. Thereafter changes will cost 5$ per design change.

TO PURCHASE MY SERVICES CLICK HERE. You will be directed to my Etsy online store.



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