Hate and Love are actually close neighbors

I thought I hated you
but I don't
Took a while to get here but it turns out all I wanted was for you to like me
I see you smile and I am joyous
I see you upset and I am a total mess
I wish there was a heavy metal door separating us. Perhaps this door would also have an armed guard, discriminating, protecting and keeping me away from the waves of negative energy that come and go at your ever-so-illogical will.
But the craziest thought by far is that I may just not only like you, but that I may also love you.
Oh, What a relief it would be to peel off these heavy negative thoughts and again feel light and clear.
Perhaps on the inside you are just like me,
wanting my love,
my approval,
my warm smile.

I trust that in changing my own thoughts both our worlds will begin to reflect a new beginning.

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