I often watch some TV before I go to bed. Parts of me tends to navigate towards reality TV. Being a mom to 2 little ones and having such little time to be social this forum interests me. Yet, lately I have been having some deep issues with the content of what is being shown as reality TV and believe it's such a poor example for the young people who might be watching these shows daily and unlike me, really using it to better help them define themselves and their lives.
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Let's begin with Ochocinco on VH1. It's a sexualized and more modern version of the Bachelor. 16 ladies compete for the heart of one man who will marry the last surviving girl. My issue with this show is the utter meanness of the women towards each other. I can only imagine my young niece and other young female teens looking at this show and pulling from it ways to interact with other women that are catty, and plain mean.
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The next show is the Housewives of wherever. I caught a few episodes of The NJ housewives and it was an ugly mix of mean self-important women who revel in coming up with hateful comments to one another. Why is hate so attractive to viewers. I can only blame the viewers for the demand is what drives these shows to stay on the air. Are we all just so enamored with the nest of millions that cushion these lives that all types of violence is allowable to such people with power?

Obviously, I too am guilty for peeking into these lives for mere curiosity. i may not care for their millions or their overinflated egos, yet, I am somehow pulled into their drama. I need to make a concerted effort to not allow such poor forms of human interactions invade my mind and my time. Ultimately they have nothing positive to offer me.

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