Lost and Found- A mother's answer to all life's problems

Is loving everyone possible?
I watched a show tonight about a man who killed another for no other reason than the fact that someone higher up in his gang told him to

Would this man have done what he did had he known the man since birth, or been his mother?
The world is made up of people with all kinds of set ideas
Ideas are walls that separate us all
I feel that having become a mother I have hit on a limitless source of love that has the potential to help us all save ourselves
My love for this babe is so deep so selfless, all things are clear in its light
If we knew each person as a mother knows her child we might accomplish peace everywhere
next time you feel negative towards others become their mother in your mind
any irritation, frustration and difficulty dissipates when we connect with others on this level.

Baby and Mom painting 16x20
Lost and Found
Although your tiny body lays sleeping, oh, so softly
Your gifts are monumental
From the moment I held you
Every cell in my body understood and just knew
How could I have been so blind?
The seminal secrets of humanity have always been and continue to be...all around me
I kneel and cry in pure awe as the wise whispers of your coos continue to empty me until I am just you, your words, your sounds, your smell
In this love, I don't exist but to be with you and for you
I am lost never to be found again
heaven IS being able to care for you

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