Setting Goals Can Make all the Difference

I am the goddess of lists. There is nothing more satisfying than making a list and checking each item off the list. The purpose of it is not to get rid of the items on the list, yet, to revel in the mere satisfaction of moving though life's endless lists that unroll before me as the days pass.

Therefore, in order to maximize this long weekend and feel satisfied at the end I must make a list....
My goals for the long weekend are:
* make a nice sit-down breakfast for the family at least 2 of those mornings.
* Sleep in at least one of these days.
* Paint!! I have been itching to paint an acrylic painting of these exposed roots I have photographed back in NY.
* Listen to Friday and Thursday's Demoracy Now episodes on www.DemocracyNow.org
* Order photos of the kids in my art class to display for Back To School Night
* Make Jewelry with Luke. He's been begging me to do it for a few days now.
* Stay up one night to watch new Netflix movie with hubby.
* Get rid of 5 bags of give aways that have been sitting around.
* Take kids to the park/hike/or walk dowtown.
* Call friend

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