Blocks, Blocks and MORE Blocks...

Above is a rainbow created by Nora

Blocks, blocks and more blocks. The best toy you can ever get any child is a real wood block set. Not just 20, or 30.....get at least 50 or more. We live in a small 2 bedroom, 850 square foot apartment in the middle of DC and these blocks are used daily by both my kids from building all the way to puppet play and retelling of familiar stories.
When I get home from work, there is a new block sculpture up which Nora had build during the day.
She is so proud of her creations that she usually wants me to photograph them with her in the picture.
Every once in a while they will go to other forms of shape sculptures....
But most of the time it's the blocks.

Here is Luke, helping her explain her creation.
Most 'sculptures' stay up for a whole day. But, the kids have become a lot more flexible in taking them down more often so they can rebuild sooner.
Nora's style in building has absolutely been evolving steadily. She has learned tons about balance, symmetry, weight, design, and the list continues.

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