What an amazing example of human growth

I watched Oprah's interview yesterday with Tyler Perry and was amazed by this man. I have already been a long-time fan of his extensive work, yet had no idea about his painful and horrific childhood. It's very rare to experience such an intensely self-reflective man in the public eye, so this was quite a unique experience for me.

I already have plenty of women in the public eye whom I follow and deeply admire, yet, I have very few males in the public eye whom I highly respect. I feel this is so because women seem to be much more open about their personal growth. But in order to reveal personal growth, you also have to be able to reveal past weaknesses and a piece of your humanity.
Most men in the public eye might rarely venture in divulging their weakness for those are not the values we are used to seeing in our men. As a woman who values one's self-reflective abilities, I think it takes a lot more inner strength to reveal ones human nature and one's weaknesses than to come across tough and unbending.

I think he deserves all the success he's been receiving.

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