I have visited fear hundreds of times
seen its ugly face and heard it urging me to disappear
to shrink,
become nothing
fear loves you bowing to it
freezing, trembling, paralyzed as it slithers near
disappear, disappear, disappear

But like child's play
the game begins to lose hold the more it happens
you question its danger
will it injure me?
will it kill?
If I'm struck, will it hurt?
You experience that even in the darkest of darks good things arise
you learn
you grow

....and then suddenly
the fear, the paralysis, the trembling fades away
fear's repeated abuse of its own power
has taught you
that the result of all this pain
may not be a bad thing
in fact,
in may be great, good, just the same as before.

Then comes fearlessness.
Fearlessness is a result of hours of pain
and experience with
fear itself.
Fearlessness is the gift we get
from years of fear education

I have seen the gifts of misfortune and
know and trust that all will be just fine
for even the most unwanted of trategies bears fruit
to hope, beauty and growth

In all its ugliness, life is beautiful.....

Life turns all this ugliness into gold
if you trust the cycle of human growth and potential

I direct my words, actions and activities to proceed
only guided by my own inner compass.
Come at me with any costume, any form,
it will not be the first time,
or the last ugliness that has come knocking

the door is unlocked and wide open

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