Highlights from Weekend in NY!

We went to NY to visit my family this past Halloween weekend. We leave DC at around 7 and get to NY at around 12am. The kids sleep the entire ride giving dad and I to actually have hours of uninterrupted conversation.....
The first thing we see....is the bed full of gifts. My mom does not go light on this. It's very much like Christmas. She's setting the bar pretty high for when I become a grandma.
This round Nora got fake princess makeup. Since she has never seen me put on makeup she had very interesting ideas on where this makeup should go on her face.
Luke got glow in the dark planets. Here are the three opening gifts. I love my mom. Seeing her with my kids just warms my heart and adds a whole new dimension to my love for her. I can't wait to be a grandma myself and be able to spoil my grand kiddies to no end.
Nora got a blue princess dress.....here is he first look at herself with new dress.
Heels......these are so funny on her little feet. Again, I hardly wear heels so this was quite special.
And what would a visit to grandma's be without sugar......I think they had more batter than brownies.

Mirtha invited us to see her K class in NYC. What an amazing class for an amazing Kindergarten teacher. I think I am buying a shelf like this for our blocks at home.
Mirtha and Senorita Norita....this class is a dream.

Luke loves parties...can you tell.
My little one knows how to celebrate.
Mirtha and Luke cutting the cake as if it were a wedding cake.....my mom even requested I take a picture....huh?
A heartfelt kiss indeed. Auntie Mirtha is THE best!
Nora and Eric getting in on a philosophical discussion about how the movie Waiting for Superman is pure propaganda.....just kidding. Eric sure knows how to get Nora worked up...
and cake....!!!
Nora getting her thoughts together as she adjusts her skibbies.
"wait....where's my cake....did I eat it all already? But I don't even remember enjoying it! "
Took hundred of these types....
To finally get a smile....sort of....
Mom and dad being silly.

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